Nature's Logic P​hotography

AS AN Artist

  • Photographer & Videographer,  www.natureslogicphotography.com
  • Video Producer & Photographer, Nature's Logic Photography, NLGE for Public Access Television, Iowa City, Iowa since 1996.  Founded the Public Access Art Gallery, Iowa City, Iowa

  • Volunteer, Project Art, Art Cart & Gift Shop, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, Iowa City, Iowa since 2010.

  • Artist Exhibit, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics Project Art, Iowa City, Iowa, Fall, 2014.
  • Artist Exhibit, Small Works Show, Chait Galleries Downtown, Iowa City, Iowa, 2008 to present.


  • Photographer to document and research hidden, uncounted factors that increase risks of flooding...and that decrease risks of flooding after the 2008 flood in Iowa

  • Photographer to document & research climate to minimize risks & maximize positive growth potentials for public health 
  • Author of book, Image Management, Science & Public Health

  • 10 years Experience & Training since 1976 as an Environmental Information Technician & as a Health Information Technician (RHIT) / Medical Records/Library Clerk & Researcher to investigate art for science, science for art..

Holly m. Berkowitz

A leader defining new ways TO document amazing sounds, images AND LIGHT of nature's GENIUS, wonders & COMMUNITY for reflectiOn . . . to discover amazing details & patterns OF NATURE far beyond the obvious . . . .TO INSPIRE MANY to grow positives FOR ALL TO SHARE . . . .minimizing risks, maximizing positive outcomes for All...


my story

If you want to see more recent works, please browse my Portfolio, www.natureslogicphotography.com